The Reconstruction Process - EP

by Reinforced Future

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This album covers a range of topics, including personal hardship, tech-age desocialization, social anxiety, and the process of finding comfort and stability within ourselves. This is intended to help spread the feeling of hope and connection between human beings.


released September 6, 2013

Reid Frankhauser- guitar, lyrics and vocals



all rights reserved
Track Name: Introspection
Death, insecurity, loneliness, betrayal, obsession
These are the struggle s that threaten to defeat us
As deep as a heart attack, as painful as being torn at the seams
We die alone in the end, no matter who holds our hand
We surround ourselves in the presence of others to quench the longing
We are desolate, imperfect
We are man
We are threatened by the thoughts that will eat us alive
There is no respite in the reassurances we reward ourselves with
The human soul is fragile
Easily tampered and quick to break
Some of us are on collision courses while those we love watch in horror
We must look inside ourselves
Are we willing to overcome our demons?
Are we searching to no avail for signs of daylight?
We must slow our minds, watch the world rotate around us
We must see the love around us, for it exists everywhere
We must find the love within ourselves
See the beauty in all living things,
From this, we must end our suffering.
We must end our suffering.
Track Name: Groupthink
We're addicted to the negative, shallow flaws of our nature
Our souls are lost in the midst of a generation in limbo of progression
Good intentions steadily peel back the flesh with every new ray of false light
Temples of fool's gold are built overtop the once solid foundation
Cracks in the pavement give rise to trees, our eyes become nearsighted in the green
I hold my breath in the ever-rising context of the flood
I feel my mind softening in the overgrown distopia
Left to fester by our increasingly-distracted minds
So how far will we let the water rise?
How deep will we let the thorny vines dig into our skin?
Will it be when the last breath leaves our lungs?
Or will it be when the last drop of blood drips onto the wet grass?
There is a choice for each of us to make.
Track Name: The Reality String
I can’t help but watch the days shorten
The breeze slowly turns to a cold chill
Leaves turn to snow, the nights get longer
As days go by, the feeling grows, consumes
The despair and longing rear their blinding faces
We all have been there, isolation feeds on our ever-freezing hearts
We grow despondent, cynical, standoffish
Bedrooms become tombs, the outside world feels like an ongoing nightmare
We feel invisible to those around us, unworthy of their presence
Trust becomes scarce, a stab in the back every time a connection is built and severed
We are lost in ourselves, a quicksand that no one else can see
We slowly drown in the choices we make, second-guessing ourselves
The invisible hand weighs us down, it teaches us to repress our instincts, we lose ourselves in the process
The casualties lost to this sociopathic cause remain televised as heroes, they lost their souls
We must not lose ours
We must retain self-respect and our true beliefs
Track Name: Revitalized
There comes a time for each of us
We must decide whether we made the right decision
Letting society dictate our life and death
The resulting fallout will condemn or save us
We must either sink or swim
The imperfect will be left behind
The ambitious and unscrupulous will destroy the path we pave
Burnt into ash
It is up to us to remove ourselves
To not let the standards of the shallow forsake our lives
We will not be subjected to the views of the narrow-minded
We must not let ourselves be destined for failure if the puzzle piece does not fit
Restructure the heart
It must not be destined for frostbite
It must be destined for something greater
Only you can step away and decide what is right for you
Only you can find the confidence within
Fuck those on the outside
Stay true to you
Spit in their faces